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Welcome to vec4

vec4 Limited was founded on the principle of producing high design standards. We as a company go a step further by delivering dynamic and original design, or by using your own design, which can be translated through to your web and print needs. We can produce a complete complement of all your print and web imaging requirements. vec4 acknowledges the importance of providing a service and producing a product that works for you. We believe our services are essential for a company to make a successful presence online and offline.

Whether you’re a company, a sole trader, service provider or a knowledge resource the accessibility of the internet provides an unparalleled level of information. Research suggests over 80% of UK households have internet access. As demand rises it’s essential that you have a web presence for the information and services that you offer. The power of social networking is a massive force that has revolutionised mass-communication and media. Its’ marketing value cannot be over-emphasised.

You may already have a web site that needs re-designing or thinking about having one. vec4 can provide a tailored design that sells your business, service or message. We believe ‘bespoke’ is better than ‘best fit’ because your web site will be built to your exact requirements providing high accessibility and usability geared towards your demographic.

Our service not only provides web site design but we can assess your over-all image. We can take your existing image or create you a brand new one and seamlessly incorporate it across your media needs. We can design your logo and brand your image across your web presence, stationery, and printed material.

We offer:

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Programming for optimising your business
  • Video editing for internet streaming
  • Training/support to manage your site
  • Design Packages

Our primary aim is to greatly simplify the integration and the delivery of your corporate image effectively cutting out the additional expense by going to separate providers. This can greatly reduce deployment time, cut back on extra costs and the difficulty of merging these specialisations together.

With over 10 years’ experience it’s been our aim to deliver high-end design solutions to assist our clients in a progressively more competitive market. Problem solving is one of our company’s strongest attributes and we enjoy it (no we really do!) the process of understanding your requirements and providing a viable solution is key to giving you the best service.

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